Christos Church focuses on three areas of ministry: worship, missions, and culture. Our worship ministry is called adore. This ministry focuses on the structure and practice of our Sunday night worship services. Our missions ministry is called solace. This ministry provides intentional outlets for us to serve our communities locally and throughout the world in order to spread the gospel. Our culture ministry is called christure. This ministry equips our people to see how Christ reigns over every area of culture and to engage the messages of our culture from a Christian perspective. Below is a more detailed look at each of these ministries.


adore | adoring our King

We see worship as being the central focus of all that we do. Everyone of us was created to worship. Therefore, we want to insure we are motivated by exalting King Jesus in all of our ministry efforts. Our primary ministry is adoring King Jesus. We have organized our worship services and our church structure intentionally in order to facilitate a robust faith that enjoys the beauty of our Savior. We strive to conduct our worship in obedience to the Bible while remaining sensitive to the evolving tastes and style of our culture. During our time together, we invite people into worship through preaching, we offer a response in worship through baptism, we practice accountability in worship through the Lord’s Supper, we encourage participation in worship through service, we offer expression of worship through praise, we promote sacrifice for worship through giving, we enjoy sharing in worship through fellowship, and we promote the spread of worship through missions.


solace | promoting spiritual peace by addressing our community’s needs

Solace is not another missions program. Instead, Solace is a mobilization strategy put in place to fulfill the vision of our church. The primary objective of Solace is to promote spiritual peace by addressing the holistic needs of our world. Spiritual peace is not an emotional experience of calm and tranquility. Spiritual peace is a declaration. When we look around our world, we see a place filled with injustice, corruption, extortion, murder, theft, and violence. We see a world in conflict. Conflict not only between ourselves; but ultimately, conflict with God. The Bible tells us that God initiated a peace treaty with us through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1-11) Our privilege is to invite people to respond to this peace treaty by both serving them and sharing with them the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  

Participating in solace works on an individual, local, and global levels. On an individual level, our group sets aside a day for prayer and fasting. During this time, each member reviews the Gospel and learns how it applies to their individual lives. On a local level, our group spreads throughout the community to serve whatever needs our neighbors may have. On a global level, our group supports and participates in mission trips and seeks to plant churches throughout the world. 



christure | christ over culture

Our vision is to exalt our King Jesus in everything—every ministry, every thought, every longing, every relationship, every place, every people, everywhere. In order to do this, alongside our focus on worship and our participation in missions, we want to address the messages and values of our surrounding culture from the perspective of the Gospel of the Kingdom. We want to affirm as the Bible reveals that our King Jesus reigns over everything including our surrounding culture. Therefore, it is necessary for us to examine what the people of our culture say and do in relation to what our King has commanded. We are not afraid or surprised by the expressions and actions of our culture. Instead, we want to understand our culture from Christ’s perspective with the goal of engaging and influencing our culture with the Gospel of the Kingdom. In order to do this, we meet once a month to review music lyrics, analyze movie themes, dissect social issues, and examine artistic expressions of our culture.



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