Exalting Our King

Our vision statement captures the essence of every aspect of our ministries. We desire that our church be a place where the name and mission and life and beauty of our King Jesus Christ be exalted. We desire to see our King exalted through our individual lives, through our corporate gatherings, throughout our surrounding communities, and throughout the entire world.

Our Worth for God’s Worth, Our Mission for God’s Mission, Our Culture for God’s Culture

Our mission statement describes how we intend on fulfilling God’s vision for our church. Christos Church is focused on three areas of ministry: worship, missions, and cultural engagement. Christos Church strives to be a place where all of our talents, gifts, abilities, and efforts are done to the glory and exaltation of King Jesus. Christos Church lives to fulfill the mission of God by announcing the gospel of the Kingdom throughout the world. Christos Church seeks to engage the surrounding culture by pointing to God’s coming culture in the heavenly City.

We believe worship is essential to the Christian life. Therefore, we stress the necessity of Christ-centered preaching, praising, and praying. We believe missions is essential to the Christian purpose. Therefore, we participate in missionary work on all levels, especially looking for opportunities to plant new churches throughout the world. We believe culture is essential to the Christian perspective. Therefore, we redemptively interact with the movies, music, art, advertising, and social issues of our surrounding culture in order to share the hope and joy of the coming heavenly culture.

We hope you will join with us in living for the vision God has given our church. We would love to share with you the various ways in which you can be a part of fulfilling the vision through serving at Christos Church. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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